2015 so far …

This has been an amazing year so far. I have had the chance to cross several ‘Must do before it is too late’ things off my bucket list.

I finally got the majority of my poetry published. The remainder is what I classify as humourous poetry or poems written after the publishing. I guess that means there is another book in the works.

I’ve been invited and taken part in several public readings where my works were well received.
Most of the readings were in my city of residence, Plymouth and were Black Book affairs. I even took part in an on-line reading for which Relay For Life benefited. However, in conjunction with GCLS, the Golden Crown Literary Society, I took part in a reading in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). What a distinct honour that was. It was also great to get feedback from authors whose book I have read or whom I have heard about over the years. Poetry is traditionally a ‘hard sell’ so I am told. But all the books I had on sale, went! I hope their new owners are enjoying them.

As I’ve already mentioned, I attended the 2015 GCLS Conference in NOLA. It was the first time I had been ‘home’ in ten years. Home in the previous sentence does not mean that I am from NOLA. I use the word home in this context to signify collectively the United States. I was born in Alabama and resided at various periods of my youth in Georgia and Florida. Through the military, I found myself in South Carolina, Texas and back in Florida. Summers and Christmas’ seemed to have been spent, for the most part, in North Carolina and Virginia.

It was great to be ‘home’ again, but I had forgotten about the humidity. It would seem that I had also forgotten about poisonous spiders too … I was bitten by one as I slept peacefully in the Hilton, but that is an on-going story and I’ll refrain from telling it here.

I’ve been to Manchester and Germany, where I got to partake in the beauty of Munich. I am now, because of my trip to Germany, in the process of outlining a book. I am really excited about this as it is historical and involves a lot of research to insure I get the facts right.

I am also fine-tuning a collection of short stories I have written over the years which will also be published. I have the contract, but haven’t signed it yet.

I have met so many talented authors and wonderful people in my travels throughout the year. There are far too many to mention, but you know who you are. Thank you all for being a part of my 2015, for making this year a memorable one for me. I look forward to seeing some of you again.


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