Author Help and Appreciation Please

My publisher Shadoe Publishing has set up a GoFundMe page to help authors attend a Literary Conference. Their statement there says:
“Helping authors attend conferences and conventions for educational workshops. Authors are notoriously financially limited, they write for the love of telling their stories. Several authors we know cannot afford to travel to these conferences and seminars, we are merely helping them achieve their dreams.”

Shadoe Publishing has been very supportive of me since I joined them and I cannot thank them enough.
Perhaps some of you would like to help out. If this is the case, you can find the GoFundMe page HERE

Shadoe Publishing have also set up various thank yous for seven donation levels. They are:

Thank You $10: A personal thank you as well as an e-book.

Book Level $25: Signed copy of a book … FREE.

Twofer Level $50: Two (different) books signed by the author.

Bronze Level $100: Choose any five author’s books … SIGNED.

Silver Level $500: Choose the names of characters in one of the authors next lesbian romance novels.

Gold Level $1,000: Give us the rough outline of what you would like one of our authors to write in
their next novel/novella FOR you, dedicated TO you.

Platinum Level $2,500: A ‘fictional’ love story about YOU.

Thank you in advance!!

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