Comments and reviews? … yes please!

I am sure I speak for most creative people when I say comments are good. They do not literally have to say something good either because criticism is a way of learning what readers want from the books they read. If you buy a book from for example, once you’ve read it go back and post a review, even if it is only a sentence long.

I made a post somewhere regarding my poetry and I got a wonderful feedback from none other than my publisher. I thought I would share it here since to me, it speaks volumes.

I have never been a huge fan of poetry, but after listening to this author’s work, both verbally and then reading it myself, I couldn’t help but encourage her to get them published. They are strong and beautifully written with emotion and feeling that draws the reader in. If I had such a strong reaction, what could someone who truly appreciates such prose do when they read such work? I encouraged her immediately to be published, if not with me, with someone, even self-publishing. I am just thrilled that she chose my company to publish her work with. The ease in which her submitted work was set up into book form, I only wish all books were this easy!

Never let the fact that you have not liked reading a specific genre put you off from reading that type of book again. You never know, it may just have been the story plot or the characters that put you off, not the genre.

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